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Tips and Tricks to Modernize Your Home

We all love staying updated with the latest trends when it comes to fashion and gadgets alike. Then why leave our homes behind? Modern homes don’t just look good, they also establish us as trendsetters in the society. A modern home is often characteristic of its owner’s taste.  So dive right in, be an artist and make your home the canvas.

Here are a few tips to start with, in order to convert your simple traditional home into a modern one:

– The best place to begin transforming your homes are the walls. And there are plenty of them to work on! What better way to freshen up a home than a layer of fresh paint? Ditch the old boring walls in favor of neutral and cool colors like beige, off white and taupe. Wish to go the extra mile? Fret not, there are plenty of materials to choose from to layer your walls – from next-gen easy to remove wallpapers to laminates or even granite, hardwood or tiles, suit up your walls. There is something for every budget!

Adding a pop to top it off is the way modern designs work. An accent wall covered with the quirkiest color, or wallpaper to maybe even elaborate carvings, let the sky be the limit for your creativity.

– Indoor gardens? Why not! Earlier believed to suit only the homes without a  proper outdoor garden area, indoor gardens have found widespread acceptance in modern houses all over the world. They provide a natural refreshing element indoors and bring life to the house, quite literally!

– When planning modern homes, bigger is better when it comes to windows. And not just bigger but something other than the ordinary rectangular and square designs. Lighting from the sun does not just help you save on electricity bills but also makes the home look brighter and more natural. Bigger windows also make any space look bigger.

– Bring in Contrast to your interiors. Be it walls or furniture.

– Stick with bare essentials. Avoid cluttering the place with unnecessary decor that looks and feels alien to the environment. Minimalism paves for a great modern home. When it comes to a modern home, less is more!

–  Furniture is the heart and soul of any home. Give great thought to the shape of each and every piece. Change the placements, if necessary. Definitely get rid of all the extra furniture that is not required. Make judicial use of glass and metal but don’t disown wooden furniture. It is evergreen.

– Gone are the days of ordinary doors. Choose from an array of door materials and designs ranging from sliding doors to latch doors, folding doors to even rotating ones.

– Get rid of all the cable clutter. Visible dangling cables are strict no when going for a modern home. Use cable organizers to keep them at bay.

– Carpets from your grandmother’s generation need to go. Opt for modern alternatives for flooring like laminate, granite or hardwood flooring according to your time and budget.

– Add new lights. Lighting is an important element for modern homes. Be strategic with the placement of lights. A couple of stylish bright lamps in the corner or a ceiling fixture is enough to brighten up your home.

– Recycle. Modern homes require modern tricks and recycling is one of them. DIY enthusiasts and innovators can convert any old household item into a stunning piece of decor.

– Designer partition walls are all the rage and a great replacement for simple blank walls. They also make for a great conversation starter if placed well.

– Make use of technology. Home assistants and gadget controlled lights and other electronics will make any home truly modern in every sense.

It surely is a lot to take in and handle all by yourself. Need a helping hand? Leave it to our expert guidance in interior design and decor if you are in or around Charlotte, NC. We will make your home transformation a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

Laura Casey

Laura Casey Interiors is an Interior Design firm based in Charlotte, NC. Laura Casey, ASID is a nationally licensed interior designer.

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